Achieve The Perfect Thanksgiving Tablescape


2723cee1769ecab7496c10a2207bd9aaBy Amanda Kuehnle

One of the most cherished and celebrated family holiday traditions involves sitting around a decorated table while enjoying poultry and filling sides. Maybe your table is long enough for the dozens that come to enjoy, or maybe it’s your typical dining room table big enough for just your immediate family, whatever the case, how you present your Thanksgiving table can set the mood for the remainder of the night.

Name tags

This just adds a little something to the seating arrangement. Decorate a place card (which you can have the children do if you’re busy in the kitchen) with your guests name and display it on top of their empty plate at the table. Your guests will feel immensely special knowing you’ve planned for their specific arrival.



Adding a focal point to the center of your table allows you to be as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. If you’ll be presenting and serving the food in another area, feel free to decorate the table with garland, candles, pumpkins, even flowers or another seasonal touch (whether the winter holiday or the fall feels more appropriate will be completely up to you). If the center of your table will be used to hold the food for family-style serving, feel free to decorate with beautiful bowls and plates which can double as serving dishes.

Tip: Turn your Thanksgiving dinner plans into pot-luck style, where all of your guests coordinate to bring a piece of the traditional Thanksgiving feast to your home. You can bring the evening together with your great roasted or deep-fried turkey, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of trouble and heartache. 



A huge part of hosting a dinner or event is in the presentation. Setting each person’s arrangement of dinnerware and flatware can make all the difference. You can use your finest china for the evening, keeping everything matching and tidy, or use the opportunity to be eclectic by mismatching plate and bowl colors to set a color scheme for the table. Besides, what could be more impressive than arriving for Thanksgiving dinner and having your seat perfectly set for the evening?

Don’t know how to set a table? Watch the video below.